Shannon Gazdacka

Hello, I'm Shannon Gazdacka.
Telling Stories in the Sunshine City

As of May 2017, I am officially a graduate of the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg with a major in mass communications and a minor in general business administration. (Goooooo Bulls) My love for videography has grown over the last 3 years, but it is the aspect of effective storytelling that I crave most.

I love shooting events, weddings, or promos, but I am most passionate about documentaries. I occasionally struggled to find the balance between speaking up for equality and being too sensitive. So for me, telling stories through documentaries about those who may not have a voice or as much privilege is all about trying to make people feel something. To feel sad, surprised, aware, happy, etc. – those feelings are what provoke change in my opinion. Through these videos it is also my goal to focus on the humanistic qualities of my subjects, to identify similarities and the common human emotions.

I’m beyond blessed to live a life where I have found a passion in which I can make a career out of.

  • Storyteller
  • Videographer
  • Dog Mom
  • People Person