Look Through My Eyes

Would you even be able to spot a difference?

Robert W. Dardenne Award for Humanistic Journalism

USFSP Journalism and Media Studies Department Spring 2017

Look Through My Eyes

In a world with limitless resources and endless possibilities for continuous education, I am amazed that many people still find ways to pass judgements on others. It seems that so many have forgotten we are all one in the same species, regardless of our skin color, religion, social class, gender identity, etc.

Growing up in a fairly whitewashed, and conservative town, I was for the most part unaware of the diversity that was waiting for me several miles away in St. Petersburg. When I began my undergraduate career at USFSP, I was happy in this new place, being among people who had a different skin color than my own, wore hijabs or yamakas, and had different stories to tell.

While the diversity of my new school was welcoming, I quickly realized just how close minded much of my hometown was. This had been a huge conflict for me and I wanted to bring light to our humanistic similarities.

Highlighting the humanity in a Muslim-American was the sole purpose of my documentary, “Look Through My Eyes.” I created this documentary shortly after several terrorist attacks in Europe when tensions were very strong against the Muslim community. I tried to take on the perspective of those who were against Islam and believed all Muslims were evil. By doing so, I crafted my questions to address many of their irrational concerns and hopefully pull out the emotion and compassion of my interviewee for the audience to feel as well.