Survived By

Too many won't talk about it, but these parents will not be quiet anymore.

Festival De Cannes 2017

Short film corner screening.

Campus MovieFest at USFSP 2016

Silver Tripod for Best Documentary and Jury Award winner.


Golden Tripod Nominee for Best Documentary.

2017 SPC SEmmy's

Best Digital Video Editing.

Survived By

Suicide. No one wants to say that word, yet it is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Everyone that dies by suicide leaves behind family, friends, a community, and everything changes. We want to forever remember those who have left this earth too soon, but we mustn’t forget their loved ones who are still here either.

This was the inspiration for Survived By, to talk to and tell the stories of parents who lost a child to suicide. I only hope that this documentary has been able to help loved ones facing the same realities as well as those who have had thoughts of suicide to see how permanent it is and how it affects the ones they love most.

I have been humbled and amazed at the degree of support this short documentary has made and am thrilled to be taking it for screening in the short film corner of the Festival De Cannes in May 2017.


All people are deserving of the same respect.

Campus MovieFest at USFSP 2017

Jury Award winner.


This documentary was shot and edited in one week for Campus MovieFest 2017. It seems that so many have forgotten we are all one in the same species, regardless of our skin color, religion, social class, gender identity, etc.

Prior to my interview with Lucas, I had seen many hateful things online about the LGBTQ community and it was getting under my skin. I couldn’t stand to see them being dehumanized for being “different” when really we have a lot more in common than most think. I created this documentary by to address many of the inequalities that people of the trans community face and bring attention to the importance of respect.

Defying Labels

Eliminate the stigma.

Defying Labels

I created this documentary in one day as a final for my video storytelling class. I was assigned the Stingray program at USFSP and after a little research quickly knew what direction I wanted to take. The students I interviewed were thrilled to tell me about their experience in the program and all of its benefits.

Too many times the students in these programs are labeled incorrectly, when in fact they are more than capable of everything anyone else can do. They aspire to live the same life as their peers and dream big just like any college student.

Life After War

A new battle awaits at home.

Taste Testing Hyppo Ice Pops

After watching countless war documentaries, and movies, I realized that there is never enough coverage on what the lives of veterans are like when they come home. I connected with two veterans locally as well as one in Chicago and sat down to talk about what they faced once they came home.

Look Through My Eyes

Would you even be able to spot a difference?

Robert W. Dardenne Award for Humanistic Journalism

USFSP Journalism and Media Studies Department Spring 2017

Look Through My Eyes

In a world with limitless resources and endless possibilities for continuous education, I am amazed that many people still find ways to pass judgements on others. It seems that so many have forgotten we are all one in the same species, regardless of our skin color, religion, social class, gender identity, etc.

Growing up in a fairly whitewashed, and conservative town, I was for the most part unaware of the diversity that was waiting for me several miles away in St. Petersburg. When I began my undergraduate career at USFSP, I was happy in this new place, being among people who had a different skin color than my own, wore hijabs or yamakas, and had different stories to tell.

While the diversity of my new school was welcoming, I quickly realized just how close minded much of my hometown was. This had been a huge conflict for me and I wanted to bring light to our humanistic similarities.

Highlighting the humanity in a Muslim-American was the sole purpose of my documentary, “Look Through My Eyes.” I created this documentary shortly after several terrorist attacks in Europe when tensions were very strong against the Muslim community. I tried to take on the perspective of those who were against Islam and believed all Muslims were evil. By doing so, I crafted my questions to address many of their irrational concerns and hopefully pull out the emotion and compassion of my interviewee for the audience to feel as well.